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How to Define your Social Media’s Content Pillars

Updated: Jan 15

Creating constant high-quality content isn’t an easy task. It takes time and effort to develop a social media strategy that makes sense with your brand and your goals. However, there are various tips that you can apply while thinking about your content.

Developing content pillars is a great way to do this. Content Pillars are the main themes that you will follow when creating content for your social media profiles such as Instagram or Facebook. These pillars should be useful for your audience, they should answer questions about who you are, what you do as well as provide valuable information. By developing content pillars you can make your creative process easier and faster since it gives you a specific direction about what content to create.

4 Steps to define your social media content pillars

Understand your audience

Your content pillars should speak directly to your audience, which is why it’s essential for you to get to know them. Use social media tools such as analytics to obtain valuable data. Consider whether your client is male or female, their age groups, where are they located, what’s their language, check what accounts they follow and overall, create a profile that can help you define what content could be interesting or useful for them.

Understand your competition

Looking at what others are doing is a crucial part of any social media strategy. Although it's important to be original, it's useful to look at what others are doing and how they are doing it to set a benchmark. By following their accounts, you can see what works for them and what doesn’t.

Apply the rule of thirds

A good rule to have in mind is to divide your content in three. One third should promote your business and generate revenue, another third should be about sharing ideas and your story and the last third should be content that involves your audience and relies on interaction.

Reevaluate and reorganize

Once you have your content pillars, you should evaluate how well they are performing on social media. Perhaps your content isn’t as diverse and interesting so it might be a good idea to add a new content pillar. Maybe your posts about your business aren’t generating that much interest and new copy is needed. Check your strategy and find what’s working and what’s not.


Building a successful social media strategy takes time but it’s a necessary step to make your business grow and take it to the next level. Establishing content pillars can help define your content and provide a clear path in terms of what type of content to create. Don’t be afraid to experiment while always keeping your audience in mind.

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