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Introduction to the brand: Socio MX is a platform to connect brands with the Hispanic Market in the United States through professional soccer matches and experiences. When Community Marketing took over Socio MX, they were handling their social media with an internal Community Manager but the content and post copies were not engaging their followers, especially during low-season, when no match games were held (Socio MX hosts about 6 events per year nationwide).


Goal: Socio MX came to Community Marketing with the task to create a Social Media content strategy to keep their audience engaged during the times between one event to the next. Socio MX wanted to find the right content to connect and keep the momentum going with their audience so that when games were announced, they would already have a strong organic followers base.


Our approach: By incentivizing the consumer to share their thoughts by participating in polls, trivia and commenting, the brand was able to stay relevant to the consumer by creating a space where the consumer can feel comfortable to express their thoughts on soccer-related events/ news.

CMKT developed the following but not limited to:

  • Content pillars. 

  • Voice and tone (in Spanish for a Hispanic Market audience in the United States).

  • Giveaways and promotions strategy.

  • Improved copywriting and graphic design.

  • Partnerships with influencers & ambassadors.

Results: Socio MX has seen an increase in engagement since Community Marketing took over the account.
Over the past year (July 2019-July 2020), the following organic results were generated on Facebook: 

  • Impressions: 1,511,415

  • Engagements: 17,024

  • Average Engagement Rate:  1.13%

College Students


Introduction to the brand: Mentor Rocket is a nonprofit organization with the mission of helping under-resourced High School and College students thrive by teaching life-needed skills. Skills that are not necessarily taught in school, such as, basic negotiation skills, learning from failure and adversity, creating powerful goals, financial literacy, among many others. 

Main program: Partnering with High Schools in multiple cities, and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mentor Rocket, has been able to help the students with live virtual learning sessions that provide opportunity for interaction between students and CEOs or successful entrepreneurs. 


Short and Long-term goals:

  • Short-term goal: In the next 12-months, growth in followers, create awareness of their cause, generate engagement. 

  • Long-term goal: By August 2022, the client is seeking to use platforms to generate donations and become an influencer in the education field.

  • As a brand: To share content that has a purpose and teaches something relevant and inspires people.

Strategy and benefits for the client in 30 days: 

  • Development of Social Media strategy. 

  • Established five content pillars.

  • Creation of a monthly calendar.

  • Established a voice & tone and graphic style & color palette.

  • Increase Post Frequency: Before hiring Community Marketing, the client was posting 2 or 3 times per week. Now, we are posting at least 14 times per week per platform, which has led to an increase in followers.

  • Optimized Instagram profile to capture consumers/donors attention by including all relevant information in bio, created highlights, added links, etc.

  • Interaction with similar nonprofits and potential key partnerships.


Organic results on the first 30 days:

  • 106 organic followers on Instagram in 30 days. 

  • 30 organic followers on LinkedIn in 30 days. Before CMKT, the client was not able to increase followers organically for months.